On Sunday, 14th December 2014, Spina Bifida Association Malaysia decided to organize SIBIAM Family Day at Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club. The event was attended by 85 people, including supporters and volunteers. Before the event started, all members and volunteers were required to sign their attendances.

The event started with an opening speech given by Ms. Yang Mee Eng, the president of SIBIAM. In the speech, Ms. Yang Mee Eng thanked everyone for attending the event and also for the never – ending support towards the association. She also managed to introduce and thank the current committee members of Spina Bifida Association Malaysia for successfully organizing the event. Apart from that, she also welcomed the new members of SIBIAM. After the opening speech, Dr. Kriban took the opportunity to introduce and thank Spina Bifida Association Malaysia’s sponsors.

While having lunch, all members took the time to get to know and sharing their stories with each other. While doing so, they were entertained by a performance by a 2 piece band. There was also a magical performance by a clown, hired specially for kids of Spina Bifida Association Malaysia. There were also games played by not only the kids, but also the parents of Spina Bifida Association Malaysia. In a way, this event played an important role in strengthening the relationship among the families of spina bifida patients. Before the event ended, hampers were distributed to members of SIBIAM.

There was also a photo session with families of Spina Bifida.

The Group Photo of 6th Annual General Meeting Spina Bifida of Malaysia.

Prepared By Fatin Fatinah Shamshul Bahrn
23rd of December 2014