2018 Sibiam 11th Annual General Meeting 2018
2018 Attendance at the IF 28 th International Spinal Bifida and
Hydrocephalus Conference in New Delhi, India
Media Interview-Astro Mingguan Wanita
East Coast Spina Bifida Awareness Day 2018
SIBIAM Booth in Sungai Petani Rotary Event
2017 SIBIAM Concert 2017 “Unconditional Love”
AGM + Family Day
2016 AGM
2015 AGM
2014 AGM
Family Day + Christmas Day
2013 AGM
SIBIAM Fund Raising Concert 2013
“Tribute to Yao Min – Chronicle of Splendour II”
2012 AGM+ Christmas Gathering with RCD
2011 Family Day at Sunway
Laptop Presentation
BNI/ Media Concept -Focus to Ng Phooi Ling
2007 Launch of SIBIAM
2006 1 st Neural Tube Defects Conference